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There is no substitute for going to carry forward the hope of the Gospel. “How are they to hear,” Paul asks, “without someone preaching?” (Romans 10:15). Every believer should consider their role in sharing Jesus with the nations, and there is great joy in going! The forms and information below will help you go on a HopeForward mission trip or participate in a project. 


Going starts here.  If you want to go on a Highview mission trip, you must begin with START.  START is a new training initiative designed to help Highview members better carry the hope of Jesus across our globe on short-term trips. Beginning in 2016, START Training is a requirement for all HopeGlobal Trip team members.  Click the button below to register or email for more information.

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As you pray about how God would have you get involved, explore the HopeCity Projects and/or HopeGlobal Trips (includes trips to Eastern Kentucky, North America, and international trips).  If you need help determining the best option, contact for help.  



When you have chosen a trip or project, click the button below to complete the form to register for a HopeCity Project or apply for a HopeGlobal Trip (includes trips to Eastern Kentucky, North America, and international trips).  Email if you would prefer a paper application.  

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After your application is complete, you will be contacted by your Project Coordinator or Team Leader.  If TEAM Training is required, you will be notified.  If you are going on a HopeGlobal Trip, you will receive an email with login information for Managed Missions.  This website will help you stay current on all trip information, including donations received, upcoming meetings, etc. 



Highview wants to send our best to carry hope forward.  If you are interested in being sent long-term by Highview as an international missionary or national church planter, completion of our Sending Process is required.  Explore the information below to learn more about our sent ones and what it means to be sent by Highview.