Specific Sin Issues


Fighting Sin

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Anger is an emotion that many people struggle to control. It can be a tricky emotion to understand because in the scriptures, anger can sometimes be considered a righteous trait. Many times though, we are exhorted not to be controlled by anger or to allow it to cause us to react to someone in sinful ways. Unrighteous anger can lead to things like aggression, rage, even violence so we must be filled with the Spirit to know when anger is healthy and when it is not.

Read Ephesians 4:26-27
Discuss: Describe what it means to “sin” in your anger. 
Is there a way to be angry and not sin?

Confess the sin

Do you see anger as a problem that hinders relationship with God and others?
Have you come to terms with why anger is not God’s best?

Identify the lie

What kinds of things trigger anger in you?
What are 3 things that typically happen when you lose your anger?
Is there something that you feel you gain when you demonstrate your frustration, rather than trusting God’s way of self-control?

Read James 4:1-2

What does James say leads to quarrels and fights among people?
Do you notice any of these indicators in your heart?

Replace the lie with truth

Read the following passages
James 1:19-20
Proverbs 29:11
Ecclesiastes 7:9

What do these passages teach about God, Us, Jesus, or the world in regards to anger?

Read John 2:13-17

How should we understand the emotions that Jesus displayed in this passage?
We must fight to believe that unrighteous anger does not achieve the purposes of God. He is glorified when we choose control over losing our anger.

Apply grace to respond

How has your need for the cross and the grace of Jesus been revealed regarding anger?
Jesus died and rose to give us power over responding to situations in an unrighteous way, what are some ways you can try to respond when provoked?

Memory verse

Ephesians 4:26-27