The next step to grow as a follower of Jesus is to be involved in a discipleship group (D-group). Discipleship groups are same gender small groups of 3–5 people. These groups are closed groups, that agree to meet together for 12–18 months of intentional growth. The purpose of Discipleship is to lead people to learn to obey all that Jesus has commanded, and train them to do the work of the ministry. Discipleship groups have a rhythm of formal meetings and informal times of life-on-life mentoring. Through discipleship groups we develop spiritual disciplines, core theology, transformation, and training for every day mission.
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Shocking Forgiveness
October 7, 2019

Everyone is talking about the astounding display of forgiveness shown in a video of Brandt Jean hugging his brother's murderer. Botham Jean (26) was in his apartment watching tv, and eating ice cream when ex Dallas police officer Amber Guyger entered his apartment, accidentally thinking it was hers. Her reaction to seeing Bothom in his own house was to shoot, fatally taking his life. In this video, Brandt Jean publicly forgives and embraces Ms. Guyger, and at the center of his address was his hope that she would give her life to Christ. You can watch the video here.

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