Specific Sin Issues


Fighting Sin

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Having a plan and being detail oriented is a good trait. But sometimes God has a purpose or will for our lives that conflict with our plans. When this happens, many people struggle with the pressure of letting go of their plans and adapting to God’s will. Others struggle with the pressure of feeling as though they are carrying heavy burdens and expectations to make everything go as they planned. These tendencies may reveal an issue with the idol of control on our hearts. Having the idol of control is a failure to believe and trust that God is sovereign and His will is perfect for our lives.

Read Isaiah 41:10
Discuss: What are some reasons who should not fear or be anxious about how situations will “turn out?”

Confess the sin

Do you feel pressure to have everything on your terms and in your timing?
Do you experience unhealthy swings of emotion with things go your way or not? (Anger/fear/pride)

Identify the lie

What do you believe having everything go according to your plans would give you that God couldn’t give you in His plan and timing?
What kinds of situations do you feel the most need to have control over?

Replace the Lie with truth

Read James 4:13-16, Prov. 3:5-6, Matt. 6:25, 33-34, Ps. 24:1-2

How do these passages impact the way we think about God’s sovereignty and our reasons for trusting His plans over ours?

Apply Grace To Respond

How do these passages reveal your need for the gospel?
How does God’s grace in Jesus encourage you to find peace in His will?
How could you respond the next time you feel yourself getting angry when things don’t go your way?

Memory verse

Ps. 24:1-2