Specific Sin Issues


Fighting Sin

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The most repeated command in the bible is “do not fear.” God tells us repeatedly that we should not allow our lives to be ruled by fear. Perhaps it’s because fear is one of satan’s most powerful influences to keep us from trusting God’s word and following His will for our lives. People struggle with fear on many levels. Some fear judgment. Some fear taking risks. Some fear others. Some fear stepping outside of what’s normal and natural for them. If we are going to be people who bring God glory in making disciples of all nations, we must trust God in overcoming our fears.

Read John 14:27
Discuss: How does the peace that Jesus gives us differ from what the world gives?

Confess the sin

Do you ever neglect or disobey commands of scripture because you fear the consequences that may come?
Have you experienced negative effects in relationships due to fear of making the right decisions?

Identify the lie

What do you believe you are gaining when you give into your fears rather than obeying God’s word?
In what situations do you find yourself most vulnerable to fear?

Replace the lie with truth

Read the following passages
Josh. 1:9
Matt. 6:34
Is. 43:1
Ps. 23:4
Ps. 34:4

How do these passages develop courage to step beyond your fears in faith?

Apply grace to respond

How do these passages reveal your need for the gospel?
The next time you are fearful to obey God’s word or do the right thing, what can you choose to do?

Memory verse

John 14:27