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Memorizing scripture is a richly rewarding discipline in the life of a disciple of Jesus. We want to saturate our hearts and minds with God's word. Scripture memory helps us renew our minds and thoughts (Romans 12:2). Scripture memorization gives us power to obey Jesus during temptation. When the words of Christ are in our hearts, the Holy Spirit can remind us what to say as we witness to a person or as we minister to a discouraged friend. Another benefit of memorizing the bible is that it helps us stand firm in God’s truth when our faith is challenged.

Read Ps. 119:9-11, Joshua 1:8, and Psalms 1:1-2
Discuss: What do these passages say about the importance of memorizing God's word?

Memorizing scripture takes time and can be challenging, but God is pleased when we delight to meditate on His word. You can do it! Telling ourselves we cannot memorize scripture is not a valid excuse. We memorize things we value and think about often. It is difficult, but can be done. Pray that God would help you put His word in your heart.

How do I memorize?

Having a method for scripture memory is effective. Repetition is key to locking in verses for memory. Your method should include initial repetition to memorize the verses and regular review to keep the verses.

Index card method for scripture memory

1. Read the verse aloud 10 times. Begin and end with the scripture reference. Each time you read the verse, focus your eyes and place emphasis on a different word in the verse or passage.
2. Recite the verse aloud 10 times. Begin and end with the scripture reference. If you get stuck, it's okay to look at your Bible.
3. Record the verse on an index card. Write the scripture reference on one side of the index card. Flip the card over and write the verse word-for-word on the opposite side. Review the cards throughout the day, perhaps as you wait in line at a store or the bank.
4. Review your index cards regularly. Choose a specific day to review all your memorized verses so as to keep them in your memory. You can memorize large passages of scripture by adding just a couple verses each week using this method.

Group Challenge

Chose a chapter in the Bible and memorize as a d-group. Make it a fun time to challenge one another. Go celebrate once everyone completes the chapter.