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Nehemiah arrived in Jerusalem along with the military escort the king provided and all of the lumber and materials needed to rebuild the wall. There is no doubt people would...


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Nehemiah: Restoring the Vision

The people of Judah had every kind of weight and distraction keeping them from going about the work of God's Kingdom. They were exiled. Their nation and its capital were a laughingstock before the nations. Generation after sinful generation had weakened and corrupted any worship and loyalty to the God of their ancestors. Yet, the story of Nehemiah is the story of God moving in His people to restore a vision for His glory because of who He is and what He would do among them. As we face similar challenges--pandemic, economic factors, racial and social tensions, personal sin--God is calling us to look to who He is and what He has done for us. If we are going to move forward in the mission of God, it’s going to require that we step out in faith. It’s going to require that we put aside the distractions and the weights and restore the vision of discipleship and of reaching our neighbors for Christ.

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The church in Thessalonica was disoriented by affliction and confused about the end times and false teachings. They longed for the return of Christ and needed comfort in the hard times they were facing. Paul calls them to stand firm and remain steadfast on the gospel. In these disorienting times, the call for us is the same: to stay confident and hopeful because the truths of the gospel are Unshaken. In this series, we’ll study through the Thessalonian letters to see the connection between that young church and the challenges that we face today.

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Easter 2020

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